Over a fifth of home buyers who did not have a survey are saddled with a property they would never have bought. Many are left with a property they regret buying and an average of £5,750 in repair bills. Results from a RICS survey of home buyers showed common misconceptions. Nearly 60% of respondents incorrectly identified an estate agent’s main responsibility with 1 in 10 mistakenly believing estate agents act for the buyer, whilst nearly 1 in 5 thinking they act equally for the buyer and seller.

There is now a choice of three levels of surveys available from Miles & Co Chartered Surveyors:

• Level 1 – Condition Report – Provides an objective overview of condition without extensive detail. Ideal for a modern house in good condition and for sellers and owners.

• Level 2 – RICS HomeBuyer Report – Is most suitable for standard older and modern properties that are in a reasonable condition. A concise report with advice detailing any significant problems that could make a difference to the value of a property.

• Level 3 – Building Survey – The ‘flagship’ service providing a detailed report on a property. It is particularly useful for older, larger or non-traditional properties or one which is dilapidated and has been extensively altered or if the buyer is planning a major conversion or renovation.

Miles & Co Chartered Surveyors are totally independent and have been undertaking these surveys for over two decades and hold comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance. Working from The New Forest to The Purbecks and anywhere in between, call now for a chat about the best survey for you.